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Our Ambassadors

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Left to right in picture: Sonya Demone and Kiera Sparks Lucas.

Sonya Demone and Kiera Sparks Lucas are Easter Seals Nova Scotia’s ambassadors. As volunteer spokespeople, they share with Nova Scotians their experiences of participating in our programs.

Sonya lives independently in Halifax, and is a client of Easter Seals’ New Leaf Enterprises skills training program. Sonya says "I do not have a disability. It's a special ability because I can do some things the average person might not be able to do, and average people may be able to do some things I may not be able to do, but I feel we are all equal in our own way".

Kiera attends Auburn Drive High School in Cole Harbour, NS, and attends Easter Seals’ fully-accessible Camp Tidnish. Kiera says that at Camp Tidnish, “people come with all levels of ability, but when you get to camp everyone is equal. There are many kids like me who would never have the camping experience if it wasn't for Camp Tidnish. This is why I think it's important to tell people about Easter Seals".