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Thank you to everyone who ordered and showed interest in our Father’s Day offers! 💙

Your support of our social enterprises helps people with disabilities excel within our program! No matter if it’s with our hand-crafted gifts or homemade food created in our industrial kitchen, our clients are always involved! Thank you for supporting New Leaf Enterprises!

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    • Father’s Day Donair Kit ($40) – Our Donair Kit is filled with homemade donair meat, sauce, and locally sourced pita! Diced tomato, onions and cheese round out the kit! It will feed a family of four and is easy to build!
    • Gourmet Brownie ($20) – If Dad has a sweet tooth order him our gourmet brownie topped 4 ways: salted caramel, maple candied bacon, cream cheese and smore! Baked in an 8” round pan these brownies are ready to enjoy!

    We also have a Father’s Day Gift Pack ($10) which includes a hand-etched “DAD” glass, a pair of funky socks (designs vary) and a Cadbury chocolate bar, and our From Tea to Green packs ($3) which include 18 Golf tees and a bag of green tea!