The New Leaf Reverse Job Fair

The New Leaf Reverse Job Fair is Friday, October 7th from 10 am – 3 pm at 3380 Barnstead Lane, Halifax! There will be a free networking lunch provided by New Leaf Cafe & Catering from 12 pm to 1 pm.

What is the Reverse Job Fair? The New Leaf Reverse Job Fair gives Job Seekers who identify as having a disability the opportunity to meet with potential employers. Each Job Seeker has their own booth set up which will include quick note information about their employment-related skills to aid conversation with potential employers. Job Seekers will also give each potential employer their business card containing their photo, contact information, and a QR code linking to their LinkedIn account.

Are you a potential Job Seeker or interested in becoming an inclusive employer? Join us for the New Leaf Reverse Job Fair!

Interested in becoming an Inclusive Employer? It’s never been easier! All you need to do is join us and show up prepared to interview qualified candidates. You don’t run a booth; the job seekers do! For more information and to register contact Carlton McDonald at 902-455-9044 ext. 240 or

Are you a potential Job Seeker? If you are 17 years or older, identify as having a disability and are looking for an inclusive employer reach out to us to learn more! For more information contact Kyla Cameron at 902-455-9044 ext. 245 or