ScotiaRISE and Easter Seals Nova Scotia – Call for Applications

Supporting Students through Accessible Technology and Mentorship Program

Easter Seals Nova Scotia is pleased to partner with Scotiabank, through its ScotiaRISE commitment, to offer financial grants and mentorship opportunities to students in Nova Scotia who are currently enrolled in or will be entering high school in Fall 2023.

Purpose and Objective

The Accessible Technology and Mentorship Program grant and mentorship opportunity are intended for any student with a disability who is currently enrolled in or entering high school in Fall 2023. The objective of the scholarship is to help reduce financial barriers for the student as they progress and work towards completing high school and assist them in preparing for a successful transition into post-secondary education, or entry into the workforce.

The grant recipient also has the opportunity to participate in a year-long mentorship program, where they will be paired with a volunteer mentor who can provide encouragement, guidance, and support for their studies, and in preparing for post-secondary studies, as well as summer jobs and/or transition to the labour force after graduating high school.

The scholarship recipient must be a resident of Nova Scotia.

Value of Grant

The grants are valued at up to $2,000 per student. Students can apply the grant funding that is provided towards purchasing laptops, learning aids or other specialized/adaptive learning equipment, learning software, or tutoring and other costs required for school.

Application Process

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application, which will be reviewed by a selection committee of Easter Seals Nova Scotia. Candidates will be given consideration based on the following criteria:

  • A resident of Nova Scotia
  • Have a disability
  • Currently attending or entering high school in Fall 2023
Supporting Documentation for Application

The Following documentation must be submitted with your compleated application form:

  • A typed, one-page letter from the applicant (or support person) in which they outline why they should be selected for this award. This letter should include information on their disability, motivation, scholastic achievement, initiative, extra-curricular activities, challenges faced (and overcome), financial need, and/or any other relevant information that would strengthen the application.
  • A description of the equipment, technology and/or service you would use this money for, including the total cost of such items or services.
Important Notes

The successful recipient will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a six-month mentorship program. The recipient will convene with the volunteer mentor designated to them at least once a month, or more if mutually agreed upon between the recipient and mentor.
  • Complete the brief survey toward the end of the mentorship to help assess the value and impact of the mentorship program.

The application form and all supporting documentation must be received by March 31st, 2023.

Please remember to review the application to ensure all information and supporting letters/documentation is provided. Ensure you keep a copy of the completed for your files.

If you have any questions, please contact Wanda Sinclair, Director of Development at or 902-453-6000 ext. 224.