Adaptive Support Fund

Currently, in Nova Scotia, 30.4% of the population identify as living with a disability, this is the highest rate in Canada. At Easter Seals Nova Scotia, we understand one of the ways to take down barriers and increase independence is the ability to access adaptive supports. These adaptive supports can come with a significant price tag that carries an increased burden on Nova Scotians and their families. With the creation of the Adaptive Support Fund, we hope to alleviate some of this financial hardship.

Applications for the Adaptive Support Fund are currently closed.

Through the Adaptive Support Fund in 2023, we are pleased to have been able to help take down barriers and provide funding so that 22 individuals in our community could access the adaptive support they need to increase their independence.

We are looking forward to re-opening applications in April 2024 and having more opportunities to alleviate the cost of adaptive supports for Nova Scotian individuals and families.

These funds are provided by private and/or corporate donations, if you wish to donate to this program please click here.