The Next Step

The Next Step: Youth Employment Support Program focuses primarily on persons with disabilities who have recently graduated high school up to the age of 30.

In 2020, New Leaf Enterprises introduced The Next Step program as there was a clear gap in support between graduating high school and finding vocational training or paid work experiences in the community.  These young adults are graduating to extremely limited opportunities in the workforce and a left behind, effectively graduating them to the couch.

Our person-centred approach to supporting our clients with disabilities find employment is as individualised as our clients. We know that young people, either recently diagnosed or living with a lifelong disability present different assets, interests, challenges, aspirations and goals. The focus of The Next Step is to work with each person to develop a vocational way forward centred on their employment plan. Our objective is to bridge the gap between high school graduation and paid employment support for young adults who seek our services.

In the past four years, this program has provided job skills and coaching to more than 65 young clients with varying disabilities, with over 40% currently employed. These individuals are ready and eager to start their employment journey.

Thank you to our Inclusive Employers!

Participants of The Next Step are ready and eager to start their employment journey, however, the need for inclusive employers is high.

The New Leaf team of trained professionals will work with you to identify opportunities for individuals with disabilities in your company, and then our job coaches will stay on with the new employee until they feel comfortable performing tasks independently.

Interested in becoming an Inclusive Employer? Contact Carlton McDonald, Manager of Employment Support Programs at 902-455-9044 ext. 240 or email